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Insufficient sleep in children is associated with poor diet, obesity and more screen time

A new study conducted among more than 177,000 students suggests that insufficient sleep duration is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle profile among children and adolescents. Results show that insufficient sleep duration was associated with unhealthy dietary habits such as skipping breakfast (adjusted odds ratio 1.30), fast-food consumption (OR 1.35) and consuming sweets regularly (OR 1.32).… Read More »

Fancy Wearing Penis on Your Ears? YSL Launches Dick-Shaped Earrings & Pendant Worth More Than Rs. 50,000

YSL’s controversial jewellery range. (Photo Credits: Twitter) In the name of fashion, designers bring out the wackiest and craziest trends ever one can think about. In the latest, French clothing brand and designer label Yves Saint Laurent has launched a penis jewellery range. Let’s be clear, it is not jewellery for your phallus but a… Read More »

Leapfrog says 10 states have failing hospitals, calls for more accountability

Dive Brief: With the dust still settling on the midterm elections, Leapfrog’s fall 2018 Hospital Safety Grades show in-hospital errors, accidents, injuries and medical errors plague hospitals in both red and blue states. Of more than 2,600 hospitals assessed, 32% earned an A grade, 24% a B, 37% a C, 6% a D and just under 1% an… Read More »